Blog: Vienna Wedekind
Who: Carola Pojer
Where: Vienna, Austria
Blogging Since: 5 years

Name some of the brands or companies you have collaborated with. Explain how these collaborations came about, and how both sides worked to make it a success.

Louis Vuitton, Net A Porter, Shopbop, Vestiaire Collective, By Malene Birger, Olympus, Gucci Beauty…
All these brands approached me. Some had a clear visions for a certain collaboration, some gave me enough room to come up with my own ideas – that’s what I prefer by the way. If you’re able to create your own concept for an editorial, it’s much more reliable and credible.

What is the key to building long-term relationships and partnerships with brands?

Be honest and stick to your aesthetics. Never ever do something just for the money!

Which way do you find to be the most efficient to organically grow your blog?

Creativity; high-quality pictures and content; interesting headlines. Do something extraordinary, tell new stories! Hard work pays off, and people will come back and spread your aesthetics.

With the rise of Instagram and in the era of social media influencers, how does one keep their readers engaged and interested in coming back to their blog?

I see my Instagram account (@viennawedekind) as visual portfolio of my work and blog teaser. It’s important to share parts of your work but just as an appetizer. The full content and inspiration will always be on the blog. Use Instagram as an additional platform to promote your blog.

How are you building your audience?

Via press features, collaborations, social media, keywords, hashtags, SEO, engagement, and most of all: premium content.

Do you find it important for your business to attend fashion week, and if so, in what ways?

Absolutely, yes! As fashion blogger, you need to be in the now, you need to know what’s going on in the fashion world, what collections are coming up and what’s trending. Fashion weeks are great opportunities to share fresh inspiration with the audience.

What are your main revenue channels, and how have they evolved since you began monetizing?

I earn most of the money through the blog, but also via Instagram and affiliates. Since I work as a full-time blogger, I’m able to create even better content, take more time for concepts, and travel a lot. And with good quality comes a bigger audience. But I also decline lots of projects that don’t suit me and my aesthetics.

How do you measure your most popular posts up to date?

I use Google Analytics to measure posts, but also social media engagements like comments, likes and reposts.

What kind of opportunities other than blogging do you see rising for you through your blog?

Photography, styling, PR opportunities, social media consultancies, workshops.

What are the most crucial elements to establish to take your blog to a professional level?

Quality, creativity, consistency, honesty, corporate identity, reliability.

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