WHAT WE DO: Founded in Athens, Greece, in 2013, les assorties began with a primary aim to showcase up-and-coming designers and emerging fashions through fashion news, outfit ideas, profiles and interviews, while also paying tributes to the people who left their mark in the industry.

After a wonderful year of blogging, les assorties relaunched to become a fashion blogzine that brings to the spotlight and gives voice to the next generation of creatives and professionals. Our aim is to search globally for motivating stories from inventive minds, and pass them on so you can hear their experiences first-hand through a collection of exclusive interviews.

In every interview, we sit down with professionals from every area of the industry, discussing aspects and challenges of their work – how they started, how they are building up and run their businesses – while, from their part, they share valuable insights, practical how-to-make-it-in-fashion advice and useful information about their field.

WHY WE DO IT: We want to provide a platform and encourage a dialogue among everyone like us: people (designers, publishers, bloggers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and mere fashion enthusiasts) infatuated with the industry we are trying to break into – the glittering world of fashion.

We hope that their work, vision and opinions will serve as a guide to understand the current status and determine the near future of fashion, as well as inspire, encourage, educate and empower anyone who currently works and everyone ambitious to join the industry.

Thanks for visiting; enjoy your stay; and join our community!

*Our content is also published on Medium, and is regularly featured in Links à la Mode by Independent Fashion Bloggers.


Nadia Christodoulou


Studied Political Science then found the idea of developing a brand from scratch, which Marketing & Advertising offered, very challenging. Spent some time in Paris before realizing she missed the Greek sun dreadfully. Has an utter respect for fashion because it is inspired by art. Loves film noirs and in a past life could have been Ingrid Bergman. Enjoys white wine but can’t resist a cocktail.

Alexandra Zografou


Linguistics graduate, licensed translator, junior employee, part-time blogger, amateur equestrienne; interned and contributed to a couple of the most prominent Greek fashion magazines, where she developed an abiding passion for all things extravagant and a keen interest in young fashion talent. Fascinated by history and all things that tell a story. Loves fashion from the ’20s, movies from the ’50s, music from the ’60s, cartoons from the ’70s. Idolizes women with distinctive style and magnetic personality from Countess of Castiglione and Coco Chanel to Grace Kelly, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this website are personal, as are the articles, essays and interviews; please do not use any of the material published without linking back to the website or requesting permission. Unless stated otherwise, all images used in the posts are property of the person being featured.

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