Having been trained and worked as an archaeologist alongside renowned Greek archaeologists for years, eventually Polina Sapouna-Ellis decided, following her life-long passion, to make a shift into jewelry design. She had both the professional knowledge and the inspiration to take what Greece has always been famous for – rich history and culture – and turn it into jewelry that resonates the symmetrical and architectural shapes of ancient Greek silhouettes.
In our very first tête-à-tête, we sit down with Polina to discuss the challenges of setting up and running a fine jewelry company, her views on the particular market and the fashion industry in general.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z94ReUrqbd0&w=640&h=360]

For more information on Polina, her collections and stockists, visit www.polinasapounaellis.com.

Polina Sapouna-Ellis collections are currently stocked online at www.kultia.com and www.aesthet.com.

If you happen to be in Athens, make sure you stop by “A Jewel Made in Greece” exhibition in Technopoli; the exhibition will also open in Dubai and Brussels later this year.

Featured image © Polina Sapouna-Ellis