We are so excited for our first Links a la Mode feature for 2016! Enjoy the roundup below:


One of the best themes posed by bloggers this go-round was to incorporate more elegance into our daily lives by wearing those special occasion wardrobe pieces that are usually hiding in the darkest parts of our closets. Why not dress up or down a glamorous suit? Why not wear sequins everyday? I asked a similar question recently, except it was rhinestones with a muumuu. That’s no typo for Miu Miu, I really mean muumuu.

While muumuus weren’t on any IFB bloggers trends to watch list, I can’t imagine why, there were many to consider. Colors of gray, rose quartz and serenity blue, and florals of various hues. And no matter the color, oversized long cardigan sweaters and long vests seem to be not just a new trend but the new essential.

Many also found themselves inspired by designers and brands they love. There was insight into a show for up-and-coming designers, on traveling to Montreal, must-haves in the business of blogging, and a most charming list of umbrellas.

And of course this week’s roundup would not have been complete without some mention of the Golden Globes his and hers red carpet fashion, and the life and style legacy of David Bowie.

Links à la Mode, January 14

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