Coming this year on February 20, Formshow is a trade show for international design, providing a select and highly curated group of directional, high-end fashion designers the opportunity to present their emerging collections in New York during Fashion Week. Helmed by Jenny Chase, it was founded as an extension of Jenny Chase Showroom which has known to be supportive of young talent. We sat down with Jenny to discuss her vision for Formshow, signing up for tradeshows in the digital age and her future plans.


How did FormShow come to fruition?

FORMSHOW has distinguished itself as a highly acclaimed and truly unique and intimate experience, unlike any other. It is praised for it’s one-of-a-kind and like-minded approach that has changed the way we think of conventional, mass-market tradeshows. From season-to-season, FORMSHOW continues to accomplish it’s mission of offering a highly curated group of talented artists, artisans and designers from around the world, all hand-selected by Jenny Chase Showroom. Since the last three shows, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback from designers, buyers, and press alike.
FORMSHOW is an extension of the Jenny Chase Inc. platform, which for fifteen years has historically been the launchpad for emerging designers who wish to collaborate with the top tier specialty and department stores across the United States.


Do you take in new designers every season or collaborate with the same?

We are always reviewing applications to see if designers are a good fit for our show.

What kind of press coverage are you looking for both for your business and the designers you are hosting?

Each of our designers create their own press. Our show generates press as well through our social media outlets and our publicist.

Are there any challenges you try to overcome to reach a wider group of buyers?

We have an already established group of international buyers from our showrooms in New York and Los Angeles which feature thirty designers and have hundreds of the top specialty and department stores in attendance each season. In addition, each designer brings in a considerable amount of stores.


How has Formshow evolved since it started?

Each season we are so grateful to gain new designers, press and stores alike. We are also so grateful for our dedicated sponsors.

What do you think makes a tradeshow successful? What do you do to set yourselves apart?

The goal is to have a positive experience for buyers and exhibitors alike. After only three seasons we have established a strong dedicated following of exhibitors and buyers who look forward to meeting each other at the event each season.


Trade shows are physical, but, for instance, PittiImmagine is using the advantage of digital media to enhance their services. Would you step into this direction?

In the quickly evolving world, we are continually looking at new technologies and media to broaden our services.

Despite digital marketing booming, people are still interested in trade shows. Why do you think that is? Why should someone register at a trade show today?

Ultimately we still live in a three dimensionsal world where people want to see, feel and touch product and interact with other human beings. The digital world is an enhancement or reminder or this experience not a replacement.


What are your future plans?

To continue to find products from around the world who are preserving artisanal and sustainable standards. We wish to create collaborations between artisan collectives in indigenous communities with established designers.


Formshow will be held February 20-23. For register and additional information, visit
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