Her effortlessly cool masculine style and modelesque appearance are quite hard to ignore; meet Berta Bernad, London-based blogger and proud owner of the namesake fashion blog, where she documents her personal style, strolls around London and appreciation for vintage treasures and emerging fashion talent. We caught up with her to discuss her personal style, the future of fashion blogging and her views on the fashion industry.

What inspired you to start your own blog?

I started my blog with two of my best friends three years ago, as a way of showing vintage clothes we would collect from all over Europe and then sell them in Madrid. I really enjoyed it and decided to continue doing it myself.


For some, fashion blogging is dead; for others, it is just entering a new era. How do you see the future of fashion blogging?

I think fashion bloggers are the new key actors in the fashion industry and they will definitely stay for long. As online influencers, I think their role is crucial in promoting designer collections faster than other channels. Thinking of the fashion industry without them would be so boring!

How would you describe your personal style?

H&M described it as “tomboy,” while others elegant and classic. I think it is very eclectic; I am just constantly changing and influenced from different situations. London is a place where I feel the need to dress up more, whereas Madrid is more relaxed and traditional, so I do not really have an established style.


Do you have any fashion don’ts?

Maybe, but I cannot think of one exactly.

Who is your style icon?

I like Sofia Coppola a lot. I also like Venetia Scott, Garance Doré and Caroline Issa; these girls do things that I admire, therefore I admire their style, as well.

How do you keep yourself updated on fashion trends?

I read a lot of magazines and fashion websites. Particularly, I love following up on fashion editorials. I would like to be a photographer one day, so I guess memorizing names and cool editorials is a good start!


You are an avid promoter of new designers and recently you were part of Pop Up Chic. What do you think of the Spanish fashion scene?

Yes, I have always supported fashion entrepeneurs in Spain and London. Through my blog, I feel I have an influence and I can help them promote their lines. Spain is in a difficult situation at the moment, as Inditex is really monopolizing the fashion scene, however, I believe that only the best will survive. I really love a brand called Rockin Horses.

You have a background in fashion and you have previously worked for Ralph Lauren. Do you remember the moment you realized you wanted to work in fashion?

I actually never thought of it. I studied journalism and I knew I wanted to do something to express myself. I did not know what that was exactly, when I started. I think you should just do what you feel comfortable with and life will show the way. Trying is the best thing to realize, if not what you would like to do, what you wouldn’t like to do.


Where in the fashion industry do you see yourself?

Good question! I have no idea. I like to create the whole story; I see myself as an art director, potential photographer, stylist or filmmaker, but I do not know where all these will take me.

What are your future plans?

I have just started working for a jewelry brand called Aristocrazy. This makes me very happy, because it allows me time for my blog, which is a little part of me. I would never want to loose it. Maybe today is more about me, maybe one day will be more about other people, but at least I have something that is mine; something I’ve created myself and I’m very proud of it.


Images courtesy of Berta Bernad