I have to admit that I instantly fell for the word parfumerie; it reminds me strongly of my time in Paris. I think it was the idea of a piece of jewelry which would also smell amazing that got me all excited about Peacock Parfumerie, though. Peacock Parfumerie is a perfume jewelry house that seeks inspiration in “art-nouveau glamour and bohemian romance;” the word “bohemian” has a pure air of freedom about it, describing a way of life, where all we want is to feel free and independent.


The company’s signature product is a vintage-inspired perfume pendant necklace that holds a small amount of Peacock Parfumerie perfume. What you may not know is that this is an age-old tradition which dates back to the 17th century.

In the Victorian age, perfume was considered as a necessity and the antidote to all unpleasant body odors. By the late 17th century, France had become the Mecca of the perfume industry. The delicate perfume was usually kept in fine containers: decorated flasks or “vinaigrettes,” small boxes of various shapes, usually rectangular and attached to a chain, which were carried secretly inside of a muff or a purse. Tiny bottles were also worn on chains. Victorian ladies were often seen wearing small flasks on chains that were designed with screw tops that enabled them to apply the perfume on need.

“Fragrance has the power to evoke a memory, change a mood or create new experiences, which is what inspired us to develop Peacock Parfumerie,” says Shannon Cumberland, CEO of the brand. What better way to be reminded of all its benefits than wear a stylish pendant, which also serves as your secret perfume container.

Peacock Parfumerie brings scent to six scents with its perfume oils:


ALLURE: A sensual beauty; a blend of mandarin and caramel with notes of lavender, birchwood and rose.
DAYDREAM: Soft, calming notes of amber, lavender and vanilla; the perfect escape for the romantic dreamer.
GRACE: A tribute to the modern woman, Grace embodies strength, elegance and femininity; blend of mandarin, rose, and vanilla with fruity notes.
HOPE: Breathe in the promise of Hope and endless possibilities; blend of violet, rose and vetiver.
MORNING: Awaken and experience a new Morning with this rejuvenating blend of water lily and melon.
UPLIFT: An awakening of the senses, Uplift inspires liveliness and joy; blend of bergamot and spearmint over plum, black tea and cedarwood.

All fragrances are blends of essential oils and precious perfume accords in a base of natural coconut oil and come in a unique package.