Over the last few years we’ve been brainstormed with royal events and the detailed commentary which inevitably follows. This is only unavoidable; these kinds of events can easily overshadow the greatest fashion show; the attendees, the high fashion, the uniforms, the outrageous hats. Oh, the hats! Our eyes always fly open in surprise: each year the idea of “the bigger the better” seems to dominate. But it’s the British royal family who always wins the outrageous-headwear contest. Who will ever forget the hat – made by milliner Philip Treacy – Princess Beatrice wore to THE wedding?

However, I feel that royals shouldn’t be the only ones entitled to impressive headpieces; we should allow ourselves a little sartorial fun! Admittedly, I have a limited hat collection. Each and every one of the hats I own bares the same features: single color, wool and wide-brim. That’s why I’ve decided my next purchase to look markedly different, which brings me to topic du jour: the wonderful, ladylike hats by Maison Anne-Sophie Coulot.


Before launching her line, Anne-Sophie – today based in Paris – worked with the famous London milliner Victoria Grant, where she helped create hats for royalty: she contributed to the conception and creation of both Chelsy Davy’s and Emma Parker Bowles’s hat for the royal wedding, and was also involved in the creation of hats for Lady Gaga (music royalty) and Charlotte Olympia (footwear-design royalty).

What makes her hats so special is the unique way she fuses two entirely different styles: the romantic vintage and the rock ‘n’ roll. Elegance, innovation and sophistication are very important when it comes to design: “I want to make hats for a ‘femme fatale:’ sophisticated, independent, unpredictable and living in the moment.” But if you feel that you can’t pull off fancy hats, Anne-Sophie is here to help you overcome any reluctance; her designs are suitable for every occasion: “I think wearing a hat finishes a look, draws a silhouette […] For the winter season, I made some pieces for every day life, little berets and cute kennedys to wear with a long coat, a jean and black high heel shoes.”



She draws inspiration from art, old magazines, travels, music and chance encounters but most of all by “Gruau’s illustrations and Grün’s advertising posters. These drawn posters, [take us] back to a specific atmosphere of the fifties: The high size skirts, red lipstick, jazz and glamour style.”


Coulot uses exclusively fine materials to create her beautiful hats such as silk, buntal, straw, leather, beads among others. I expect great things from Anne-Sophie; I am looking forward to see wide-brim hats accessorized with extraordinary feathers, inspired by the iconic hats of the Edwardian era. That’s me; always the superficial one.


The hat we cannot wait to wear this summer!

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